Week 8 : Windows Movie Maker

Hi everyone!

The lecture for this week has well conducted by our awesome TA, Mr Helmi. He has covered an important topic that closely related to our video production which video editing using Windows Movie Maker. He has suggested us to use the older version of it, not the latest one. We do agree with him because the older version is very practical and user friendly, especially for the first time user :)


Interface : Windows Movie Maker

First, he has supplied us with some materials (background music, short video) to be used in the video editing process. The first lesson is on how to import video/photo/audio. Then, he proceeds with how to eliminate background sound of the video imported as we’re going toimport other background music into the video. Next, he introduces us the transition or animation that can be applied to the video/photo to make our final video more interesting and fun.

Later, he has taught us on how to add title, caption and also credits at the end of the video soon. Besides, he remind us to Save As the project so that if unwanted-expected thing (computer hang, out of battery, etc) happen, at least we’ve already have the back-up. He keeps remind us to Save after sometime so that we won’t regret much if anything happen. Isn’t it quite terrible to accept that all datas/editing done so far, lost in a blink of your eyes just if you don’t save it? Beware and alert!

There’s a lot of more other new things we learn in this lesson. Before we come out with a final video, editing is a MUST procedure to be done. It’s a way to make our video more neat, well-arranged plus to add more interesting and fun to it, so that the video can attract people to watch it. In other way, video editing can also be a way of showing appreciation to those people who have contribute and work hard in producing it (credits).

Windows Movie Maker is not the only video editor. There’re a lot more online as well as offline. The practicality of WMM makes it suitable for all range of users :)

Get used with WMM people! It’s user friendly yet so interesting to be explore. See you later 😀


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