Week 7 : Short Presentation

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I’m absent for this week’s lecture because I joined a community-based programme in Jeli, a district in Kelantan which is organized by Unit Kebajikan Pelajar, UKM. However, I have consulted my group members about task assigned. The task is a short presentation of the video proposal submitted before.

As the representative of the Bananana Production, Yen Yen has explained about the video proposal. She has covered explaining the story line of the video. Besides that, she has also explained about the method of shooting it as well. To be exact, we have chosen to make a life drawing video. Alhamdulillah, Mr Helmi the tutor has approved our plan for this video project. He said we’ll manage to do it because this kind of video is easy, drawing stick figures on whiteboard. In addition,it doesn’t require much editing, only involving the ‘fast forward’ of the speed 🙂

As a group, we are glad that we are a step further. Yeay! Idea approved, there’s recording and editing part are left 🙂

Looking forward to see the final product, the pure result of our endless effort soon! Till then, goodbye.