Week 4

Hello people ! I hope you’re enjoying your days, no matter with whom you’re being with πŸ™‚

Well, it is the fourth week of classes already in UKM. How fast time flies ! Hopefully we did not miss anything important within the time.

This week’s class is super cool! Haha. Why am I saying so? At first I have thought that we’re going to learn as usual. Listening to the lecture, focusing on important points, taking notes and so on. Yes, we did. But, just for a couple of minutes on video proposal. Video proposal is very important. It’s all about of the video; introduction, the intended audience, story board (scenes, characters, etc) and many more. It is helpful in our progress of video production soon as we plan it black and white first as as reference.

Later, the Teaching Assistant (s) (TA), passing over the class some materials; mounting board, scissors, plasticine, colour papers, glue. I know we have to create something using the materials given, but what is it? —> VIDEO’S STORYBOARD πŸ™‚

Within the time given, me and the group mates have tried our best to portray story board of our video. We have used the plasticine; green and orange coloured as the main material to invent the characters. Somehow it feels like we’re back in kindergarten. So exciting! Hehe. We roll, we press and we shape it. You want to see the result? Tadaaaa…


“The Unhappy Story of Ms. Obesity and Ms. Anorexia”


The full view of the story board.


Bananana Production is presenting the story board πŸ™‚

After all, the story board making is really helpful for us to have clearer vision about our video. Before this, we normally draw our plan, but today we create it in real, even though it’s not full version of the video. I’m happy with the story board that we create together πŸ™‚

Last but not least,

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