Week 3

Assalamualaikum lovelies!

What a lovely Sunday it is! Hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂

During our previous class, Dr.Rosseni has showed to us some videos made by some professional video producers. The videos are simple in shape, but successful in delivering the message. They have used typography and graphics techniques instead of recording usual movements or actions of human being. I’m interested in the videos so much. The contents and elements in them are really good. Basically, the videos are about our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. As far as I concern, the videos are really effective because the viewers can really feel the close relationship with Prophet Muhammad PBUH, even though we never meet him in real. Subhanallah. I’m so fascinated!

After that, Dr. Rosseni has given us time to sit in group and discuss about our video. My group mates and I have browse through Youtube to randomly watch any short videos produced related to our topic, Obesity and Anorexia to get some ideas to invent our video’s story line. However, we are able to find several videos but not really helpful to us. So, we have decided to discuss on what kind of video we want to produce. After some time, we have put one last decision, which we want to produce a life drawing video. So we have started to search “Draw My Life” in Youtube. Alhamdulillah, we are managed to view some. Some videos are simple, but there’s also some videos that are seemed complicated to produce. These are all depending on the character’s drawing and the storyline itself. This is one example of the videos we watched,

Later, me together with Ajeerah, Farah and Yenyen have tried to draw possible character’s for our video soon. It’s so funny! Everybody expresses their talent. Haha.

See this,IMG-20131003-WA0011

Soooo cute, isn’t it? Hehe. Stay tuned and wait for the final result. Till then, goodbye XOXO