Reflection – Week 2

Hi! Whats up everyone ? I hope you’re doing well at anywhere you are, at anything you’re working with and with anyone you’re being with. Keep smiling okay 😀

Well, it is the second week of lecture. For this week, the lecture is conducted by Dr. Rosseni’s Master Students, Sis Ana, Mr. Helmi and Bro Fuad. Dr Rosseni is being away in Istanbul for awhile for some duty. Hopefully, she’s also doing well there and safely arrived in Malaysia soon !

Before the lecture begins, Sis Ana has instructed us to answer a questionnaire to digging out the ‘readiness’ of ourselves in learning more in this course. Too many questions to be answered and I have answered all of them. Hopefully,  I’ve shown my interest in learning a lot more from this course, hehe.

Mr. Helmi has created a Facebook group for our class, Video Production UKM 3. The group is a medium for us to share ideas, ask questions and get connected with each others in any matters of this course. The group is also joined by Dr.Rosseni and the other two of her master’s students, Sis Ana and Bro Fuad.

Next, Mr. Helmi has asked us to sit in a group of four/five. We’ll have to work in group to produce our video later. Guess what? My group members are sitting in a row with me. They are adorable Ajeerah, gorgeous Farah and pretty Yenyen 🙂 We named our group as BANANANA Production. Isn’t it a cute name? Hehe. I hope we can come out with great ideas and have strong collaboration in our video production soon! Can’t wait for it >.<

First group task is, to create a Facebook group to be joined by group members, Dr.Rosseni, Mr. Helmi, Sis Ana and Bro Fuad. We named this group with our group name, BANANANA Production 🙂 This group is existed to easier the lecturers to analyze our progress and achievement of our video production later. Next, we have to sit in group and brainstorm some ideas of our video. We have discussed and come out with several main ideas for example, Unhealthy Eating Disorder – Obesity and Anorexia, Procrastination, Over expense Among Students and so on. Later, we are asked to present our tits bits of our brainstorming session to everyone. After all, we have decided to choose one last final theme for our video soon, “Unhealthy Eating Disorder – Obesity and Anorexia”

Mr Helmi also has showed us some videos produced by our seniors before. The videos are superb! I hope we can produce the same or perhaps, better than theirs. By watching the videos, I’m highly spirited to do my best and give all I have to produce an excellent video with my groupmates. All in all, even without the presence of Dr. Rosseni this week, I did enjoy the class. Mr. Helmi, Sis Ana and Bro Fuad have helped me to start think and act out of the box in order to produce a high quality and meaningful video soon.


Till then, good bye!