Week 17 : The Exam Day!

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone! It’s already the sixth day in 2014. I hope you’re enjoying the pleasure in this year so far πŸ™‚

Today is 6th of January.

Yes, you’ve got it right! It’s the same thing popped up in Β your mind, like mine. Hehe. Today is the final exam for this course, GGGE2153 Educational Technology at 12 noon. The venue is DP BPA which is the new library at Lingkungan Dua. A nice and unique building just right before we climb up the FUU’s hill.

I’m freaking nervous today when I woke up in the morning. I’m started to think, “what are the questions? Will it be easy or difficult? Am I prepared enough for this paper? Can I answer it?” Oh my god. Those questions keep haunting me till the moment before I open the question book. Serious talk! Normally, during exam week me and Ajeerah will depart one hour early before the exam starts. However, today I’ve moved first because I’ve got some stuff to be settled with some seniors at faculty. Then, around 11.20 am, I’ve taken a bus to the exam hall.

When I reach there, some of the classmates are already there revising through the notes, past year paper together. I won’t want to miss that chance! So, I’ve joined them. We’ve discussed some of the questions in the past year paper. Those that we’re quite unsure with the answers. I really hope our discussion and clarification about the uncertain facts can be helpful in the exam hall soon. From my past experience, this peak moment discussion is really meaningful. Oh please, I wish it’s the same for today. Huhu. Soon later, the invigilator has called the candidates to enter the exam hall. With that, may the force be with us πŸ˜€

The exam is started at 12 noon, sharp. I’ve smiled alone when I first saw the questions! Haha. Alhamdulillah, the questions are exactly the same like in the past year paper, except for some change in the essay part. Since the time given is only an hour, so I won’t throw any seconds. Sincerely, I’m so happy and excited when answering the first part (objective questions) because I’ve already seen and answer them before. Hihi. I’m pretty sure I answer all 30 questions. But, I will never be over-confident to expect I’ve scored all them correct as I’m just a normal human being who made mistake. So, I do recheck the answers few times before submitting it.

After 15 minutes focusing on Section A (with few loops as I’m confused :p), I’ve turned my attention to next section, essay part. The marks for each essay is 2. Times 5, equal to 10 marks. Gulp! It would be such a big impact to my marks if I lost marks here. I do answer some of the questions (similar to past year paper), but I’ve seemed lost at the moment. Haha. Perhaps, due to Β pressure of nervous. I’ve tried to calm and answer them. Keep calm and give my best πŸ™‚ Alhamdullillah, I’ve answered all of them. But, apologize me for answering them in quite long essay (not fit the marks per question), because I think I can’t elaborate and achieve what I tend to deliver in such few words. I’m so sorry for that 😐

Finally, that happy-stressful-freaking nervous-one hour-moment ends πŸ™‚

The invigilator has announced that time has ended and guest what. At that moment, I’ve realized that no one of us (candidates of this ET paper) submit the paper before time ends. Wow! Everybody has fight till the last seconds, yeay! I’m proud of you guys πŸ™‚ Once I’ve put the exam paper in the box, I’ve passed everything to Allah SWT. I’ve put so much effort and He knows the best for me, InshAllah. I really wish the lecturer and the facilitators will be happy and satisfy with our result soon.

With that, it’s the last chapter in my Educational Technology story…

But, I promise myself, there will be more continuation from this last chapter. Yes, it’s a lifelong learning πŸ™‚ InshaAllah, I’ll try my best to apply all the theories and skills that I’ve learnt in this course in my future soon. I’m pretty sure if we apply what we learn, the more barakah we’ll get from doing so. As a future teacher, I believe skills and knowledge in educational technology are very essential in order to promote better teaching and learning experience. Furthermore, the application of technology in education can enhance and polish our self-potential to keep striving in this challenging 21st century era πŸ™‚

All in all, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity that is really meaningful and useful in my life. Thank you again (can’t remember for how many times hihi) to the best lecturer, Dr. Rosseni and the excellent fascilitators for all your good deeds and the knowledge you’ve shared with us. Truthfully, I feel so close with all of you like we’re a big and happy family. I feel like we’ve known for years. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. I’ve learnt so many things from this course, from knowledge and skills in technology to building strong bond between us. I’m glad I have this chance. Yes.

When I feel like giving up on the task, you are there to bring me up.
When I lose confident to face the reality, you are there for me.
When I feel so calm and happy, it’s because you are the reasons πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for everything!