Week 16 : Preparation for the Exam

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone. I hope it’s not to late to wish you…


 May 2014 brings more joy, prosperity and success in you 🙂

The exam fever has started, people! Isn’t cool to celebrate new year with struggling hard for the final exams? Hehe. Well, I have just finished my very first paper this morning which is Tamadun Islam and Tamadun Asia (TITAS). Alhamdulillah, Allah ease my day 🙂 So, let’s continue revising for my next paper, Educational Technology 😀

Basically, during the study week, I have started revising some of the lecture notes. I have logged on to our beloved lecturer, Dr. Rosseni’s blog and found lecture notes from past year classes. Syahmin Alya also has organized all the notes in Dropbox and shared the link with the classmates. I have managed to download several of them, but not them all because some of the files can’t be read. However, honestly I’m unable to understand some of them because the points are too brief, where the only main points are stated. Therefore, I think I have to find another notes to help me revising  better.

dropbox-note mean cari

Link to Dropbox created by Syahmin. Thank you dear!

In the midst of finding the solution, one of the classmates, Syakirah has shared a past year question (click here to view–teknologi(1)) in our class fb group. Perhaps, she have got it from the senior at her college. I have downloaded the question and print it. I go through the question and feel like, ‘whoa’. Quite difficult to answer, perhaps because I haven’t finish revising yet. Hehe. But, there are questions that only required the prior knowledge and critical and logic thinking to answer them. I’ve also found that some of the questions are related to what I’ve learnt before last semester in course, Computer in Education with Puan Hazrati. It’s a good sign right ? Hehe. Hopefully, my prior knowledge are helpful in answering the exam later 😀

Besides revising the past year question, I’ve also revising through the lecture notes shared by the friends from Special Education Programme. Thank you guys for being so nice 🙂 Even though the notes are in Malay Language, I still can understand them as the terms used in this course are mostly in English.  

dropbox-note pkhas

Link to Dropbox shared by Special Education programme. Thank you !

Alhamdulillah, I’m blessed and feeling so grateful to have people like them (lecturers, classmates and SE friends) who are really helpful and made my revision more easier. Thank you Allah for presenting them in my days 🙂


I wish I can perform well in the exam on this Monday. I’m going to prepare myself to the max so that I wouldn’t be frustrated later on that day. InshaAllah. To my dearest classmates, get well prepared guys. May the force be with us ! 

“Rabbi Yassir Walatu’assir Rabbi Tammim Bi Khair”