Week 15 : Edutechnovation Day

Assalamualaikum and Hello fellas!

As I mentioned before, this week another big event will hit us! It’s Edutechnovation Day 😀 It is a day which other lecturers and students are invited to witness our hard work on the video project. Everybody has put their endless effort to present their best work to the audience today. Bananana Production has also worked very hard on it. We have re-edited the poster more than three times in order to meet the criteria! Haha. What a sweet memory. Thank you to our graphic designer, Yenyen 🙂 We’re okay with that since we’re in the learning process right? Positive thinking lead to succeed! Hehe.

On the Edutechnovation Day, we have special guests who are the 3rd year seniors. Thanks for your support guys! The wonderful lecturer, Dr. Rosseni, the awesome facilitators, Mr Helmi, Kak Ana, Mr Fuad, Kak Wani, Kak Siti and Kak Intan are all there to witness our achievement and presentation of the video project for the last time. The more the audience, the greater the nervous in me! Alhamdulillah, everything has gone well as we planned. We’re so happy that our presentation went well 😀


The Final Video : Obesity & Anorexia 🙂


I’ve learnt so much in this course from the very first week till now. I believe all those knowledge can be applied later when I’m in the working phase. Perhaps, if I am to be an English teacher, I’m surely will apply them in my teaching process to attract and help my beloved students to learn and love English well 🙂 

Apparently, I’ve gain so many input on creating and editing a video that will give impacts to people. In the future, I’m planning to create videos on how to learn grammar best, how to write a good essay or perhaps, how to be a good speaker of English. i’m sure the videos will be very helpful for the students and even for those who want to learn English 🙂 Besides, I’ve also learn on how to create a good and meaningful posters. Poster is not just a canvas where you can fill with typography and graphics. You have to create it well so that the message you’re trying to convey is delivered to public. As a teacher in school, creating a poster is good as an intention to create awareness or to announce an event. Isn’t it cool to have well-designed poster in your school later? Hihi. Furthermore, I’ve also have opportunity to improve my confidence level to speak in English in front of public during the presentation done throughout the course. From a presentation to another, I’m able to control the feeling of nervous in me. Alhamdulillah. I bet it is a good improvement 😀

Before I end, a big thanks I bid to my fellow team-mates in Bananana Production; Ajeerah, Farah & Yenyen. I love working with you guys throughout the course! Thank you for your high cooperative spirit. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for your supports. You know what, I owe all of you for your endless effort being together with me from the beginning till the end 🙂 One last word, Saranghae!


Next, thank you so much to the lecturer and facilitators! Thank you Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr Helmi and Mr Fuad. I’m blessed and grateful much to have all of you along the journey of video project as you keep inspiring me and my friends till the last moment with your endless support. Thank you so much! Looking forward to learn more with you later 🙂

ba w le

Last but not least, a big thanks again to the beloved classmates, TESLIANS 2012/2016. You guys have lighten up my days. Thanks for your support and help. God knows how to pay your kindness and love. Indeed, congratulations and well done for your hard work in the video project. You guys are future-brilliant video makers 😀


Thank you so much! Love, Tenmeera 🙂


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