Week 14 : Final Video Presentation [Pre-Edutechnovation Day]

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone 😀

:: Pre-Edutechnovation Day ::

Camera 360

After weeks of planning, recording, editing and struggling much for the video project, finally the day has come! Dup dap dup dap. I’m very happy as we nearly reach the final step. But deep inside, the nervous-ness conquers the world! Not only me, all the classmates feel this. God knows how excited we are, how nervous and worried we are :p

As for my group Bananana Production, we have faced a little problem early in the morning just before the presentation. The video editor had informed that narration can’t be added into the video. The laptop that she used has problem in  reading the narration due to its format (wav). At first, we feel so worried, double triple worried about this problem because we just find out about it at the very injury time, which few hours before the presentation time! We are afraid that we couldn’t present the video, or perhaps we have to present the unfinished video. Oh no! In that tense situation, we have tried to calm down ourselves and find any solution for it.

We have tried to be positive and decided to edit and insert the narration to the video using another laptop, which is mine. So, I went to class a bit early so that we could have enough time to edit the video. However, the video editor, Ajeerah couldn’t reach class before 10 a.m. as she missed the 9.30 a.m. bus. The level of worried-ness comes to max when the lecturer and the instructors are already in the computer lab! Sigh. At that moment, the three of us, me, Farah and Yenyen are about to cry because we are extremely worried about the situation. Yenyen has told Mr Helmi about the problem and he’s willingly offer his hands to help us yet he has tried to calm us by saying, “It’s okay guys. You still have time. No worry, I’ll help you :)”. Such a comfort words. Thank you, Mr Helmi 🙂

As soon as Ajeerah arrived, both of us start to insert the narration. Well, the presentation has started! We feel a bit relief to know we’re the last group to present.  Technically, we listened to the presenters, but our mind are fully-concentrating on the video editing. We have no time but to give our best, anything for the video. Anything.


What a miracle!

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Him, The Almighty 🙂 The narration is successfully inserted in the video. It’s indescribable feeling! We have edited the speed of the video to make it looks more interesting and of course, to suit our video’s style 🙂

And now, it’s our turn! Our presentation started with the introduction of the production team. The revelation of the topic, Obesity and Aneroxia. Next is the objective, why we choose the topic for our video project. Click here to view the presentation slides 🙂 Finally, this is our final video *I’m sorry guys. I’m unable to upload it here due to some technical problem. I’ll upload it later 🙂* Below is the poster of our topic, promoting our video to public :

final poster

After weeks of hard work, we as a team are very satisfied and proud of it 🙂 Yeayyy !

Overall, I’m happy because the Dr Rosseni and the instructors praised our work. All production teams have done our best and Alhamdulillah, the hard work paid! Hihi. We enjoyed ourselves throughout the video project process. We have learnt so many things ; recording techniques, editing software and etc. Looking forward to next bigger event, Edutechnovation Day! Stay tuned 🙂

Camera 360

My Sayangs – Bananana Production