Week 13 : Video Progress Presentation

Greetings to the awesome people out there !
Hope you enjoy your day no matter where you are, with whom you are and what you’re doing out there ya πŸ™‚

Well, it’s about a week left before we have to present the final video. Dr. Rosseni has voiced out her dis-satisfied-ness to all of us regarding our work so far. Some are doing well, some are not. Mostly are about the individual reflection blogs. Based on her previous assessment together with Kak Ana, Dr Rosseni is not satisfied with the reflections done so far. She does not impress at all with our work. Hence, she has come out with some alternatives to help us earn extra marks in this course. I’m blessed to have her as the lecturer, who is willingly to help us out of this blue situation even though we’re all the cause of the problem. Thank you Dr. Rosseni. May Allah pay your own good πŸ™‚

Based on her brief explanation, e have to complete updating 5 reflections on our own blog, which are :

  • Reflection Week 13 – Dr. Rosseni’s lecture (Today’s lecture)
  • Reflection Week 14 – Edutechnovation Day
  • Reflection Week 15 – 1 minute pitch
  • Reflection Week 16 – Preparation of Examination
  • Reflection Week 17 – Examination Day

InshaAllah, I’ll try my best to fix any lack in the course assignments. I admit that sometimes I’m a bit irresponsible on my works (especially updating reflections on the blog), due to time constrain, work loads from the other courses and other personal problems. Now, I’ve learnt from my mistake and InshaAllah, I’ll never repeat it again. I’ll give my best to perform better in this exciting course for the sake of my future πŸ™‚


The next session is the consultation about the video progress so far conducted by the facilitators, Mr Helmi, Kak Ana and Mr Fuad πŸ™‚ We have showed our video progress to them. The video has been inserted with audio only. However, the video and the audio seems not synchronize. Perhaps due to the speed of the video that we’ve make it faster. Mr Helmi has suggested us to reduce the speed. Besides, we have also consulted the facilitators about the noise appear in the narration that has been recorded by Ajeerah. This time, Mr Fuad has suggested us to eliminate the noise sound in the narration using a software named, Audacity. Besides, Kak Ana also has voiced out her opinion about our video. She said, we’re a step closer to the end. She’s looking forward to watch our final video soon. Alhamdulillah, we’re so grateful to have them as the facilitators because they’re so supportive even when we feel so hopeless when facing the problems. Thank you all!

All in all, there’s so much things I could learn from this week’s lecture. Learn from the mistake is the most crucial one! Never ever procrastinate your work or else, you’ll be suffer in the end. Hihi. Last but not least, never feel down as there’re angels who are always be by your side to support you ups and downs. Till then, goodbye!