Week 12 : Adobe Photoshop & Blog Review

Good Morning everyone ! Happy Sunday πŸ™‚

For this week’s lecture, Mr Helmi has informed us to create a poster related to our video that will be presented on Edutechnovation Day soon. Besides, Kak Ana has also reminded us to keep updating our reflection blog (individual and group). InshaAllah I’ll try my best to give better reflections on the lesson learnt πŸ™‚

Well, I’m absent during previous lecture about Photoshop since I have some health problem. Mr Helmi has only taught the basic skills in using Photoshop, such as layer, cropping and etc. I’m a bit relief as I have been exposed and get used to some sort of basic skills in Photoshop since I was in Form Four. I have learnt about them in the computer course in school, back then. I hope I still remember them and able to apply the skills in this course too!

During this lecture, Mr Helmi has showed us few examples on how to create a poster using Photoshop. I’m pretty sure all of us have learnt a lot today. InshaAllah with some practices and hard work, we’ll be able to create nice and meaningful poster to be presented on the Edutechnovation Day soon. Can’t wait to see the results peeps! Apart from that, I really hope this knowledge of using Photoshop can be applied in the future when we serve as English teacher in schools. Perhaps, by implementing this editing skills on the teaching aids will help the students to have better understanding and enjoy the learning process more. InshaAllah.


Till we meet again in the next entry πŸ™‚