Week 11 : Midterm Assessment

Hi everyone! It’s time of presenting our progress so far in this video-making project :)

Instead of using Powerpoint, we have chosen to use a web-tool named Prezi to present our mid-term presentation. It’s cool as it is free, yet it offers so many free and nice template designs! You should try okay? Hihi

Well, our presentation highlighted on the introduction about both obesity and anorexia, our objectives in the video-making project and our expectation for this project. All four of us contributed well in the preparation and presentation. Farah and Ajeerah have explained about the introduction part, Yenyen has covered the objectives to achieve and Tenmeera has explained about the expectation. Feel free to view our nice and beneficial presentation slides, powered by Prezi :)

After that, we have presented our video-recorded, naturally without any editing. Basically, it only consist of the main scenes in the storyboard.  The lecturer and the tutors have commented on it and they are looking forward to watch the final video soon :) Yes, we did plan to re-record it since we only use phone camera at first and the quality of video is not so good. So, we plan to borrow DSLR from a friend of Farah to have better quality of video later :)

Every groups have presented their video-making progress. We’re impressed of everybody’s hard work. Keep it up guys!

Before we end the class, Kak Ana has treated all of us with delicious-yummy Nasi Lemak. Of course, we like it. Thanks Kak Ana :)




Till then, adios guys!