Week 10 : Adobe Photoshop

Hi everybody!

Well, this week’s lecture focuses on a an editing software, Adobe Photoshop. I’m sure it sounds familiar to you right? Good! Hehe. Unfortunately my bad, I was absent during this lecture due to some health problem 😦 I know I had missed an important lesson. As an effort, I have referred to my group members about it. They have told me about the lesson. Alhamdulillah, I feel a bit relief 🙂

Actually,  I have been exposed and get used to some sort of basic skills in Photoshop since I was in Form Four. I have learnt about them in the computer course in school, back then. I hope I still remember them and able to apply the skills in this course too!


Looking forward to learn more about this software from the awesome facilitators and also the great lecturer, Dr. Rosseni 😀