Reflection – Week 1

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!


Alhamdulillah. With His bless, I have managed to create this blog for educational purpose, mainly for Educational Technology course 🙂
Basically this blog is existed to allow me to express my reflections and ideas on topics learn in this course. During the first class in the first week of the semester, Prof. Madya Dr. Rosseni bin Din has explained briefly about this course contents. To be honest, I’m super excited and looking forward to learn as much as I could in this course because I love all these technology thingy ♥

When she informed us that we have to produce a video, I was a bit in nervous because at first I thought that I have to act in front of camera and that is so not me! I’m a little bit shy, hehe. But, apart from that, I began to plan to be the editor of the video soon because as I said before, I love all these technology thingy ♥ I don’t mind to sit in front of my laptop for hours just to make sure that the video is perfectly edited, InshaAllah 🙂

I think I’ve talked too much here. Am I?
Hehe. Well, it’s the real me ♥


I’m going to end here.

Before that, let me share you these.

My hopes for this course,
” I’m going to gain technology used in education field’s knowledge as much as I could”

My expectation from this course,
” I really hope that I can apply all the knowledge of educational technology soon when I become an educator, InshaAllah”

See you later in next post.
Stay tuned dear!