Week 17 : The Exam Day!

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone! It’s already the sixth day in 2014. I hope you’re enjoying the pleasure in this year so far 🙂

Today is 6th of January.

Yes, you’ve got it right! It’s the same thing popped up in  your mind, like mine. Hehe. Today is the final exam for this course, GGGE2153 Educational Technology at 12 noon. The venue is DP BPA which is the new library at Lingkungan Dua. A nice and unique building just right before we climb up the FUU’s hill.

I’m freaking nervous today when I woke up in the morning. I’m started to think, “what are the questions? Will it be easy or difficult? Am I prepared enough for this paper? Can I answer it?” Oh my god. Those questions keep haunting me till the moment before I open the question book. Serious talk! Normally, during exam week me and Ajeerah will depart one hour early before the exam starts. However, today I’ve moved first because I’ve got some stuff to be settled with some seniors at faculty. Then, around 11.20 am, I’ve taken a bus to the exam hall.

When I reach there, some of the classmates are already there revising through the notes, past year paper together. I won’t want to miss that chance! So, I’ve joined them. We’ve discussed some of the questions in the past year paper. Those that we’re quite unsure with the answers. I really hope our discussion and clarification about the uncertain facts can be helpful in the exam hall soon. From my past experience, this peak moment discussion is really meaningful. Oh please, I wish it’s the same for today. Huhu. Soon later, the invigilator has called the candidates to enter the exam hall. With that, may the force be with us 😀

The exam is started at 12 noon, sharp. I’ve smiled alone when I first saw the questions! Haha. Alhamdulillah, the questions are exactly the same like in the past year paper, except for some change in the essay part. Since the time given is only an hour, so I won’t throw any seconds. Sincerely, I’m so happy and excited when answering the first part (objective questions) because I’ve already seen and answer them before. Hihi. I’m pretty sure I answer all 30 questions. But, I will never be over-confident to expect I’ve scored all them correct as I’m just a normal human being who made mistake. So, I do recheck the answers few times before submitting it.

After 15 minutes focusing on Section A (with few loops as I’m confused :p), I’ve turned my attention to next section, essay part. The marks for each essay is 2. Times 5, equal to 10 marks. Gulp! It would be such a big impact to my marks if I lost marks here. I do answer some of the questions (similar to past year paper), but I’ve seemed lost at the moment. Haha. Perhaps, due to  pressure of nervous. I’ve tried to calm and answer them. Keep calm and give my best 🙂 Alhamdullillah, I’ve answered all of them. But, apologize me for answering them in quite long essay (not fit the marks per question), because I think I can’t elaborate and achieve what I tend to deliver in such few words. I’m so sorry for that 😐

Finally, that happy-stressful-freaking nervous-one hour-moment ends 🙂

The invigilator has announced that time has ended and guest what. At that moment, I’ve realized that no one of us (candidates of this ET paper) submit the paper before time ends. Wow! Everybody has fight till the last seconds, yeay! I’m proud of you guys 🙂 Once I’ve put the exam paper in the box, I’ve passed everything to Allah SWT. I’ve put so much effort and He knows the best for me, InshAllah. I really wish the lecturer and the facilitators will be happy and satisfy with our result soon.

With that, it’s the last chapter in my Educational Technology story…

But, I promise myself, there will be more continuation from this last chapter. Yes, it’s a lifelong learning 🙂 InshaAllah, I’ll try my best to apply all the theories and skills that I’ve learnt in this course in my future soon. I’m pretty sure if we apply what we learn, the more barakah we’ll get from doing so. As a future teacher, I believe skills and knowledge in educational technology are very essential in order to promote better teaching and learning experience. Furthermore, the application of technology in education can enhance and polish our self-potential to keep striving in this challenging 21st century era 🙂

All in all, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity that is really meaningful and useful in my life. Thank you again (can’t remember for how many times hihi) to the best lecturer, Dr. Rosseni and the excellent fascilitators for all your good deeds and the knowledge you’ve shared with us. Truthfully, I feel so close with all of you like we’re a big and happy family. I feel like we’ve known for years. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. I’ve learnt so many things from this course, from knowledge and skills in technology to building strong bond between us. I’m glad I have this chance. Yes.

When I feel like giving up on the task, you are there to bring me up.
When I lose confident to face the reality, you are there for me.
When I feel so calm and happy, it’s because you are the reasons 🙂

Thank you so much for everything!




Week 16 : Preparation for the Exam

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone. I hope it’s not to late to wish you…


 May 2014 brings more joy, prosperity and success in you 🙂

The exam fever has started, people! Isn’t cool to celebrate new year with struggling hard for the final exams? Hehe. Well, I have just finished my very first paper this morning which is Tamadun Islam and Tamadun Asia (TITAS). Alhamdulillah, Allah ease my day 🙂 So, let’s continue revising for my next paper, Educational Technology 😀

Basically, during the study week, I have started revising some of the lecture notes. I have logged on to our beloved lecturer, Dr. Rosseni’s blog and found lecture notes from past year classes. Syahmin Alya also has organized all the notes in Dropbox and shared the link with the classmates. I have managed to download several of them, but not them all because some of the files can’t be read. However, honestly I’m unable to understand some of them because the points are too brief, where the only main points are stated. Therefore, I think I have to find another notes to help me revising  better.

dropbox-note mean cari

Link to Dropbox created by Syahmin. Thank you dear!

In the midst of finding the solution, one of the classmates, Syakirah has shared a past year question (click here to view–teknologi(1)) in our class fb group. Perhaps, she have got it from the senior at her college. I have downloaded the question and print it. I go through the question and feel like, ‘whoa’. Quite difficult to answer, perhaps because I haven’t finish revising yet. Hehe. But, there are questions that only required the prior knowledge and critical and logic thinking to answer them. I’ve also found that some of the questions are related to what I’ve learnt before last semester in course, Computer in Education with Puan Hazrati. It’s a good sign right ? Hehe. Hopefully, my prior knowledge are helpful in answering the exam later 😀

Besides revising the past year question, I’ve also revising through the lecture notes shared by the friends from Special Education Programme. Thank you guys for being so nice 🙂 Even though the notes are in Malay Language, I still can understand them as the terms used in this course are mostly in English.  

dropbox-note pkhas

Link to Dropbox shared by Special Education programme. Thank you !

Alhamdulillah, I’m blessed and feeling so grateful to have people like them (lecturers, classmates and SE friends) who are really helpful and made my revision more easier. Thank you Allah for presenting them in my days 🙂


I wish I can perform well in the exam on this Monday. I’m going to prepare myself to the max so that I wouldn’t be frustrated later on that day. InshaAllah. To my dearest classmates, get well prepared guys. May the force be with us ! 

“Rabbi Yassir Walatu’assir Rabbi Tammim Bi Khair”

Week 15 : Edutechnovation Day

Assalamualaikum and Hello fellas!

As I mentioned before, this week another big event will hit us! It’s Edutechnovation Day 😀 It is a day which other lecturers and students are invited to witness our hard work on the video project. Everybody has put their endless effort to present their best work to the audience today. Bananana Production has also worked very hard on it. We have re-edited the poster more than three times in order to meet the criteria! Haha. What a sweet memory. Thank you to our graphic designer, Yenyen 🙂 We’re okay with that since we’re in the learning process right? Positive thinking lead to succeed! Hehe.

On the Edutechnovation Day, we have special guests who are the 3rd year seniors. Thanks for your support guys! The wonderful lecturer, Dr. Rosseni, the awesome facilitators, Mr Helmi, Kak Ana, Mr Fuad, Kak Wani, Kak Siti and Kak Intan are all there to witness our achievement and presentation of the video project for the last time. The more the audience, the greater the nervous in me! Alhamdulillah, everything has gone well as we planned. We’re so happy that our presentation went well 😀


The Final Video : Obesity & Anorexia 🙂


I’ve learnt so much in this course from the very first week till now. I believe all those knowledge can be applied later when I’m in the working phase. Perhaps, if I am to be an English teacher, I’m surely will apply them in my teaching process to attract and help my beloved students to learn and love English well 🙂 

Apparently, I’ve gain so many input on creating and editing a video that will give impacts to people. In the future, I’m planning to create videos on how to learn grammar best, how to write a good essay or perhaps, how to be a good speaker of English. i’m sure the videos will be very helpful for the students and even for those who want to learn English 🙂 Besides, I’ve also learn on how to create a good and meaningful posters. Poster is not just a canvas where you can fill with typography and graphics. You have to create it well so that the message you’re trying to convey is delivered to public. As a teacher in school, creating a poster is good as an intention to create awareness or to announce an event. Isn’t it cool to have well-designed poster in your school later? Hihi. Furthermore, I’ve also have opportunity to improve my confidence level to speak in English in front of public during the presentation done throughout the course. From a presentation to another, I’m able to control the feeling of nervous in me. Alhamdulillah. I bet it is a good improvement 😀

Before I end, a big thanks I bid to my fellow team-mates in Bananana Production; Ajeerah, Farah & Yenyen. I love working with you guys throughout the course! Thank you for your high cooperative spirit. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for your supports. You know what, I owe all of you for your endless effort being together with me from the beginning till the end 🙂 One last word, Saranghae!


Next, thank you so much to the lecturer and facilitators! Thank you Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr Helmi and Mr Fuad. I’m blessed and grateful much to have all of you along the journey of video project as you keep inspiring me and my friends till the last moment with your endless support. Thank you so much! Looking forward to learn more with you later 🙂

ba w le

Last but not least, a big thanks again to the beloved classmates, TESLIANS 2012/2016. You guys have lighten up my days. Thanks for your support and help. God knows how to pay your kindness and love. Indeed, congratulations and well done for your hard work in the video project. You guys are future-brilliant video makers 😀


Thank you so much! Love, Tenmeera 🙂


| Introduction Video |

| One-minute Pitch Video |

Week 14 : Final Video Presentation [Pre-Edutechnovation Day]

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone 😀

:: Pre-Edutechnovation Day ::

Camera 360

After weeks of planning, recording, editing and struggling much for the video project, finally the day has come! Dup dap dup dap. I’m very happy as we nearly reach the final step. But deep inside, the nervous-ness conquers the world! Not only me, all the classmates feel this. God knows how excited we are, how nervous and worried we are :p

As for my group Bananana Production, we have faced a little problem early in the morning just before the presentation. The video editor had informed that narration can’t be added into the video. The laptop that she used has problem in  reading the narration due to its format (wav). At first, we feel so worried, double triple worried about this problem because we just find out about it at the very injury time, which few hours before the presentation time! We are afraid that we couldn’t present the video, or perhaps we have to present the unfinished video. Oh no! In that tense situation, we have tried to calm down ourselves and find any solution for it.

We have tried to be positive and decided to edit and insert the narration to the video using another laptop, which is mine. So, I went to class a bit early so that we could have enough time to edit the video. However, the video editor, Ajeerah couldn’t reach class before 10 a.m. as she missed the 9.30 a.m. bus. The level of worried-ness comes to max when the lecturer and the instructors are already in the computer lab! Sigh. At that moment, the three of us, me, Farah and Yenyen are about to cry because we are extremely worried about the situation. Yenyen has told Mr Helmi about the problem and he’s willingly offer his hands to help us yet he has tried to calm us by saying, “It’s okay guys. You still have time. No worry, I’ll help you :)”. Such a comfort words. Thank you, Mr Helmi 🙂

As soon as Ajeerah arrived, both of us start to insert the narration. Well, the presentation has started! We feel a bit relief to know we’re the last group to present.  Technically, we listened to the presenters, but our mind are fully-concentrating on the video editing. We have no time but to give our best, anything for the video. Anything.


What a miracle!

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Him, The Almighty 🙂 The narration is successfully inserted in the video. It’s indescribable feeling! We have edited the speed of the video to make it looks more interesting and of course, to suit our video’s style 🙂

And now, it’s our turn! Our presentation started with the introduction of the production team. The revelation of the topic, Obesity and Aneroxia. Next is the objective, why we choose the topic for our video project. Click here to view the presentation slides 🙂 Finally, this is our final video *I’m sorry guys. I’m unable to upload it here due to some technical problem. I’ll upload it later 🙂* Below is the poster of our topic, promoting our video to public :

final poster

After weeks of hard work, we as a team are very satisfied and proud of it 🙂 Yeayyy !

Overall, I’m happy because the Dr Rosseni and the instructors praised our work. All production teams have done our best and Alhamdulillah, the hard work paid! Hihi. We enjoyed ourselves throughout the video project process. We have learnt so many things ; recording techniques, editing software and etc. Looking forward to next bigger event, Edutechnovation Day! Stay tuned 🙂

Camera 360

My Sayangs – Bananana Production

Week 13 : Video Progress Presentation

Greetings to the awesome people out there !
Hope you enjoy your day no matter where you are, with whom you are and what you’re doing out there ya 🙂

Well, it’s about a week left before we have to present the final video. Dr. Rosseni has voiced out her dis-satisfied-ness to all of us regarding our work so far. Some are doing well, some are not. Mostly are about the individual reflection blogs. Based on her previous assessment together with Kak Ana, Dr Rosseni is not satisfied with the reflections done so far. She does not impress at all with our work. Hence, she has come out with some alternatives to help us earn extra marks in this course. I’m blessed to have her as the lecturer, who is willingly to help us out of this blue situation even though we’re all the cause of the problem. Thank you Dr. Rosseni. May Allah pay your own good 🙂

Based on her brief explanation, e have to complete updating 5 reflections on our own blog, which are :

  • Reflection Week 13 – Dr. Rosseni’s lecture (Today’s lecture)
  • Reflection Week 14 – Edutechnovation Day
  • Reflection Week 15 – 1 minute pitch
  • Reflection Week 16 – Preparation of Examination
  • Reflection Week 17 – Examination Day

InshaAllah, I’ll try my best to fix any lack in the course assignments. I admit that sometimes I’m a bit irresponsible on my works (especially updating reflections on the blog), due to time constrain, work loads from the other courses and other personal problems. Now, I’ve learnt from my mistake and InshaAllah, I’ll never repeat it again. I’ll give my best to perform better in this exciting course for the sake of my future 🙂


The next session is the consultation about the video progress so far conducted by the facilitators, Mr Helmi, Kak Ana and Mr Fuad 🙂 We have showed our video progress to them. The video has been inserted with audio only. However, the video and the audio seems not synchronize. Perhaps due to the speed of the video that we’ve make it faster. Mr Helmi has suggested us to reduce the speed. Besides, we have also consulted the facilitators about the noise appear in the narration that has been recorded by Ajeerah. This time, Mr Fuad has suggested us to eliminate the noise sound in the narration using a software named, Audacity. Besides, Kak Ana also has voiced out her opinion about our video. She said, we’re a step closer to the end. She’s looking forward to watch our final video soon. Alhamdulillah, we’re so grateful to have them as the facilitators because they’re so supportive even when we feel so hopeless when facing the problems. Thank you all!

All in all, there’s so much things I could learn from this week’s lecture. Learn from the mistake is the most crucial one! Never ever procrastinate your work or else, you’ll be suffer in the end. Hihi. Last but not least, never feel down as there’re angels who are always be by your side to support you ups and downs. Till then, goodbye!

Week 12 : Adobe Photoshop & Blog Review

Good Morning everyone ! Happy Sunday 🙂

For this week’s lecture, Mr Helmi has informed us to create a poster related to our video that will be presented on Edutechnovation Day soon. Besides, Kak Ana has also reminded us to keep updating our reflection blog (individual and group). InshaAllah I’ll try my best to give better reflections on the lesson learnt 🙂

Well, I’m absent during previous lecture about Photoshop since I have some health problem. Mr Helmi has only taught the basic skills in using Photoshop, such as layer, cropping and etc. I’m a bit relief as I have been exposed and get used to some sort of basic skills in Photoshop since I was in Form Four. I have learnt about them in the computer course in school, back then. I hope I still remember them and able to apply the skills in this course too!

During this lecture, Mr Helmi has showed us few examples on how to create a poster using Photoshop. I’m pretty sure all of us have learnt a lot today. InshaAllah with some practices and hard work, we’ll be able to create nice and meaningful poster to be presented on the Edutechnovation Day soon. Can’t wait to see the results peeps! Apart from that, I really hope this knowledge of using Photoshop can be applied in the future when we serve as English teacher in schools. Perhaps, by implementing this editing skills on the teaching aids will help the students to have better understanding and enjoy the learning process more. InshaAllah.


Till we meet again in the next entry 🙂

Week 11 : Midterm Assessment

Hi everyone! It’s time of presenting our progress so far in this video-making project :)

Instead of using Powerpoint, we have chosen to use a web-tool named Prezi to present our mid-term presentation. It’s cool as it is free, yet it offers so many free and nice template designs! You should try okay? Hihi

Well, our presentation highlighted on the introduction about both obesity and anorexia, our objectives in the video-making project and our expectation for this project. All four of us contributed well in the preparation and presentation. Farah and Ajeerah have explained about the introduction part, Yenyen has covered the objectives to achieve and Tenmeera has explained about the expectation. Feel free to view our nice and beneficial presentation slides, powered by Prezi :)

After that, we have presented our video-recorded, naturally without any editing. Basically, it only consist of the main scenes in the storyboard.  The lecturer and the tutors have commented on it and they are looking forward to watch the final video soon :) Yes, we did plan to re-record it since we only use phone camera at first and the quality of video is not so good. So, we plan to borrow DSLR from a friend of Farah to have better quality of video later :)

Every groups have presented their video-making progress. We’re impressed of everybody’s hard work. Keep it up guys!

Before we end the class, Kak Ana has treated all of us with delicious-yummy Nasi Lemak. Of course, we like it. Thanks Kak Ana :)




Till then, adios guys!

Week 10 : Adobe Photoshop

Hi everybody!

Well, this week’s lecture focuses on a an editing software, Adobe Photoshop. I’m sure it sounds familiar to you right? Good! Hehe. Unfortunately my bad, I was absent during this lecture due to some health problem 😦 I know I had missed an important lesson. As an effort, I have referred to my group members about it. They have told me about the lesson. Alhamdulillah, I feel a bit relief 🙂

Actually,  I have been exposed and get used to some sort of basic skills in Photoshop since I was in Form Four. I have learnt about them in the computer course in school, back then. I hope I still remember them and able to apply the skills in this course too!


Looking forward to learn more about this software from the awesome facilitators and also the great lecturer, Dr. Rosseni 😀

Week 8 : Windows Movie Maker

Hi everyone!

The lecture for this week has well conducted by our awesome TA, Mr Helmi. He has covered an important topic that closely related to our video production which video editing using Windows Movie Maker. He has suggested us to use the older version of it, not the latest one. We do agree with him because the older version is very practical and user friendly, especially for the first time user :)


Interface : Windows Movie Maker

First, he has supplied us with some materials (background music, short video) to be used in the video editing process. The first lesson is on how to import video/photo/audio. Then, he proceeds with how to eliminate background sound of the video imported as we’re going toimport other background music into the video. Next, he introduces us the transition or animation that can be applied to the video/photo to make our final video more interesting and fun.

Later, he has taught us on how to add title, caption and also credits at the end of the video soon. Besides, he remind us to Save As the project so that if unwanted-expected thing (computer hang, out of battery, etc) happen, at least we’ve already have the back-up. He keeps remind us to Save after sometime so that we won’t regret much if anything happen. Isn’t it quite terrible to accept that all datas/editing done so far, lost in a blink of your eyes just if you don’t save it? Beware and alert!

There’s a lot of more other new things we learn in this lesson. Before we come out with a final video, editing is a MUST procedure to be done. It’s a way to make our video more neat, well-arranged plus to add more interesting and fun to it, so that the video can attract people to watch it. In other way, video editing can also be a way of showing appreciation to those people who have contribute and work hard in producing it (credits).

Windows Movie Maker is not the only video editor. There’re a lot more online as well as offline. The practicality of WMM makes it suitable for all range of users :)

Get used with WMM people! It’s user friendly yet so interesting to be explore. See you later 😀


“Struggles make me stronger. Changes make me wiser”

Week 7 : Short Presentation

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I’m absent for this week’s lecture because I joined a community-based programme in Jeli, a district in Kelantan which is organized by Unit Kebajikan Pelajar, UKM. However, I have consulted my group members about task assigned. The task is a short presentation of the video proposal submitted before.

As the representative of the Bananana Production, Yen Yen has explained about the video proposal. She has covered explaining the story line of the video. Besides that, she has also explained about the method of shooting it as well. To be exact, we have chosen to make a life drawing video. Alhamdulillah, Mr Helmi the tutor has approved our plan for this video project. He said we’ll manage to do it because this kind of video is easy, drawing stick figures on whiteboard. In addition,it doesn’t require much editing, only involving the ‘fast forward’ of the speed 🙂

As a group, we are glad that we are a step further. Yeay! Idea approved, there’s recording and editing part are left 🙂

Looking forward to see the final product, the pure result of our endless effort soon! Till then, goodbye.